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Originally Posted by tblume View Post
Peter, second house past dillard turn off on east amazon, tan with red door.
bring whiskey.
I had a tiny turkey, and ate the whole thing!
In fact, I cooked two, and nearly ate half the second one. (Cornish game hens),,baked potato, home canned beans green, (thank you Louise) ,,Jiffy cornbread mix for muffins, and a slice of punkin pie from the cafe around the corner.
Other than pie seeking,( I called ahead, it was ready before I got there) I never left the building all day, and other than sweats, I never even got dressed all day.(had to put something on to go get pie!)
That's what happens when you sleep in until after 10:30!
Thankful for the peace and quiet in my area, the sawmill across the street is quiet for the holiday, and traffic on the main drag out front is nearly silent,,and also very few sirens today,that has to be a good thing. Even the train horns that I hate with a passion seem to be toned down for the day.\
A quiet day is very rare on my corner, so I am very thankful for it.Peace all, pleasant dreams.
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