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Originally Posted by GmanVic View Post
Hey Y'all! The bike is running quite well now (well enough that I am going to buy a techlusion box to try to eliminate surge, but that's another thread!)
Great thread! You should not need tecillusion or any other devices on the 1100GS Motronic 2.2. Very little on the 1150 tuning applies to 1100 non-S. Have you replaced the intake manifolds? There is a built in seal that goes bad. If the fuel,air , vacuum are good the 1100 runs great. I would buy an oem CO pot aka "idle regulating valve" as used on the non-cat version 1100 before spending money on f.i. modifier. The rubber seal in the TB that surrounds the f.i. is probably leaking. Would go through the entire fuel prep and delivery system. TBs might need rebuild.

Kinda surprised on your choice of gear lube. M97 is spec'd for GL5 and in 90wt. Controversial for some of course.
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