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Originally Posted by tehdutchie View Post
Thats a very long list of finishers...

Agreed... statistically speaking; a third to half of those names won't be at the finish (natural attrition rate). So to that effect... while I would call deadly's list of "predictions" (of possible finish placings), Bluebull's reads more like a "ranking list/form guide"...? And in with which regards to that - other than the omission of Despres somewhere in the top three - I reckon is not too far off the mark at all.

Im not so sure, i think we will see many more crashes and non finishers as the semi top is getting wider and more fighting for position will occur over the first 2 weeks.

^^^ THIS also... The depth of the field - just below the top five - has broadened; from what was only a year or so ago, maybe just another five perhaps ten riders total; who were a legitimate shot at the podium from the outset. Compared till today*; where more realistically there 10 or 15 riders (other than the alien trio) with the experience and machinery under them, that allows to fight for top five placings each day from the very start. (*four years on and the the formula 450cc rule is finally in full effect!) If we look to the intensity that the Maroc rallye was fought out under just a month ago (with the cream of the top 20 present), and consider Dakar's start list is almost double so strong in talent/competitors... then all bodes for a very hectic battle on the scorebords for positions 6 through 20... possibly moreso than ever!

*Team F5 quotation...

You're missing some of the 'Knuiman' / 'Pal Anders' types, they might end up doing well with all the crashes / engine swaps upfront.

And then there are the "sleepers" who poke along at a good pace the first week in positions just outside the top five to ten... keep their noses clean, bikes and body in order and are in good shape to make a push in week two of the rally...

This years DAKAR has the potential to be the best MOTO battle ever...!!! Well, since last year... anyway... or the year before that...? (just like always!?)
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