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From you pics I can see that you disassembled the muffler, but what mods did you actually make to it? Maybe it'll be obvious once I take mine apart and compare it to your photo but so far I am not seeing what your mod was. If you took the screen off, then cut the pipe shorter and put the screen back on, how much did you cut off? Any details would be great as I can't afford an aftermarket pipe plus I find them too loud. I would prefer to open this one up a bit without getting carried away.

Also, I'd like to get one of those Dobeck FI controllers but their website doesn't even list them. Can anyone recommend the cheapest place to get them and hopefully a place that'll ship to Thailand? Thanks!

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Hey guys, I am new to this forum. I have been riding dirt bikes for a while and just got a CRF250L which is my first DS. I am a big fan of DIY modding and tinkering around with things so naturally I modded the exhaust with the help of my friend, check it out..

For all of you smokey bears out there I will be installing a spark arrestor in the near future. but overall it woke the bike up a bit and the EFI system seems to cope with it quite well. I want to modd the air box but not sure if I should wait to get a power commander before I go messing around too much. let me know what you gents think

oh yeah, and I can actually hear the bike at speed so I know what my RPMs are aroundabout.
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