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Originally Posted by Magnum Noel View Post
Looks in really good condition. In NZ the DR650 is now a learner approved bike because of its low power to weight ratio. Have you checked your regulations lately? Might be OK to ride!
Most of Australia is using the LAMS system (Learner Approved) and WA will finally be changing over at the end of the year. I don't want to wait until then, plus if I get my unrestricted license now, I can use this bike to do my test.

Although because it's summer and everyone is getting their license, I might not get a test until early next year, in which case it won't really matter

I did a bit of work on the bike today. Unlike my beaten up old TT250, it was just small little tweaks I had to do.
I removed the vertical section of the rack, fixed a couple of twisted/taped joints for the RHS rear indicator, removed the side-stand kill switch (which wasn't working anyway), re-routed the throttle cables correctly so they weren't being pulled taut at full lock and just generally had a good look over the bike.

Does anyone know what this connector is for? Two of the connections are shorted with some wire and all four of them head back into the wiring loom. Unfortunately I didn't take note of which wires were shorted. It's located on the LHS near the CDI.
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