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Originally Posted by brailman133 View Post
Well bought a 2003 dr200se
With 216 miles on clock. Bike runs ok up to about 35mph. Then falls on its face like it hit a wall or something. Any ideas? Here is what I'm thinking.....

1. Change petcock to old school manual.
2. Block all vac lines on carb.
3. Spin carb and remove jets and inspect.

On the petcock, gas should be a stream when on prime correct? And res and on only should work when engine is running, cause of vacuum? Mine do nothing when engine is off. And prime is a broken dribble.

Also I'm
Guessing bike bogs and looses it self past 30-35 cause gas is not being supplied to carb bowl... Or could it be the jet (s) are cloged?

And what jet supplies fuel at speed main jet right? Pilot jet is for starting bike?
Trying to get bike to keep up with traffic at 45mph...

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Our DR200 also had the combination of relative low miles+long years=hard starting/rough running when we got it.

I suggest remove tank and clean it. I had a lot of varnish/scale from old gas. Not cleaning the tank just puts you on a cycle of cussing and recleaning the carb. Then service the carb and clean it twice. I also added an inline fuel filter.

Even with the initial fuel/carb issues...the DR has proven to be simple and easy to work on. We love this little bike! Now a great runner and solid smile machine.

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