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Originally Posted by 150ron View Post
Got a quick oil question, i know i know, just want to make sure is all, please dont shoot.

ive always used the super expensive full synthetic oils such as, royal purple, redline, motul, lucas and mobil one, with this bike needing 2 quarts, thats gonna be $20+ bucks in just the oil every change, my walmart has the non synthetic valvoline oil 20w-50 or 10w-40 (motorcycle specific, wet clutch approved, air or liquid cooled oil)" for only $3.99 a quart, im thinking that oil should be fine in there for a 1000 miles, seems ok?

anyone here ever use that one?

Bel-Ray Thumper is well worth the to $20 oil change. I mean it last for 3000 mile oils and being confident knowing the motor is protected is worth a few extra bucks........................
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