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Started out yesterday thinking I would head for the Carribean. Never made it there. Instead ended up turning down this road towards Calakmul. Looked inviting. 60 kilometers. Straightish road for the first 20 :

I am always looking for free places to camp, so checked out this jeep trail that hooked off the road around a bend just before the 19km mark and ended up in an abandoned limestone quarry:

N 18 22.736'
W 89 53.686'

They had built this rather nice cultural and historical museum right in the road. You had to take a detour around it to continue on. Nice Mastadon and crocodillo skeletons and pictures of local wildlife and archaeological Mayan information as well:

I was the only one there out in the middle of nowhere. No admission. Just the receptionist and some park maintenance people out back. I asked about camping and the maintenance guy said I could camp in the grass over behind the museum no problem. Nice relaxed peaceful place.

The road narrowed to one lane as it continued on and was like a tunnel through the jungle of time leading to a lost world:

Really fun riding. Bobbing and weaving through a shady cool tunnel. Most fun road I've been on in Campeche. Finally ended at a parking lot with a 46 peso entrance fee. I was the only one there. Other than the maintenance people at the main gate.

This place is huge and covers a lot of ground. I spent pretty much the whole day wandering around the jungle looking at ruins that hadn't been restored out in the bushes along with ones that had:

You only got a hint of the way things were 1000 years ago. This carved wall reminded me of looking at marble gravestones in pioneer cemeteries back home and trying to make out the name and date:

I spent pretty much all day wandering around here. The pictures don't show the wildlife, birds, butterflies and natural beauty that was all around. I heard what sounded like someone cutting a metal pipe with a hacksaw and finally saw the monkey up in the tree that was making the repetitive call. Lots of beautiful birds calling me out as I invaded their space. Fluttering wings in the bushes. And some beautiful large iridescent dark blue butterflies with light blue eyes on their wings. Monarchs and large orange butterflies as well. And beautiful views out over the jungle from the top of the pyramid looking out towards Guatemala in the distance:

Since it takes a while to come out here and explore and its off the beaten track I don't know if I would recommend this place to most people. Unless you enjoy nature and a tranquil vibe and have some time to spend the day. I sure enjoyed it. There are no services out here and I was getting hungry and it was still afternoon so headed back out to civilization and checked out the Becan ruins right off the main road to Chetamul. Nice carved stone:

Nice weather today. It's 8am and I'm heading out to who knows where. Yesterday spent 584 pesos or $46.72 on gas, food, park entrance fees and lodging.
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