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Originally Posted by QCRider View Post
.. How about a Tim Hortons ?!?

I bet you're missing (craving) it by now, don't you??

Ride safe!
I'm personally not so much of a Tim's guy, I have one of those K-cup things at home, but I'll bet if they started building them here they would absolutely take off!

I love cafe in the morning. I'm waiting for everyone to get up so I can have one. Little Jerry the cat came running and crying this morning. I picked him up. put him in my lap and he's been here for an hour. I was going to write some more but Jerry is a little jealous of the computer.I put him down for a minute while I went to my cabana and he cried until I picked him up and put him in my lap again. He's a little tiger striped guy, can't weigh more than about 4 pounds. What a life he must lead with all the dogs around here.

I do not understand how cats know I like cats but they come to me almost instantly. Dogs bark and snap at me and cats love me. I have no idea why. Jerry is curled up having a nap on my lap, but he doesn't purr. Animals kind of get treated like animals a lot down here but Jerry and Simba are well cared for. I saw Andreas giving them Ritz crackers yesterday. Who knew cats eat Ritz?
Simba the little chihuahua would look at Jeery's cracker, because Jerry is slower eating, and Andreas would tell him...NO. When Jerry would finish his, then and only then would they both get another.
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