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I was starting to post yesterday when I got a message from Pavel and Mehai, the two Montreal inmates, that they were right down the beach, my computer battery was pretty much done so I went to find them. It was HOT, like 33 degrees, smoking hot on the sand, so I decided to walk down the road instead of the beach. It's about 3/4 of a mile down to where the boys were staying.

I walked, looked around, saw some stuff I hadn't seen and then I came upon this Mexican couple and they were looking at a dog, lying in the shade. Then I noticed something was very wrong with the dog. His rear end was all out of shape with a big bone stretching his skin way up and out of shape. He had obviously been struck by a car and was lying there, calmly, dying.

I looked at him and said to them, "poor thing" The Mexican gentleman repeated my English, "poor thing" There was NOTHING we could do. After what happened to my Dad I did not need to see this. I could not take a photo to show you, I couldn't bear to look any more and I walked on.....Dear God!
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