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Sounds good, let's go!
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Originally Posted by crashmaster View Post
i'll tell you what Juanito. If you ever get to San Diego, you are going to ride the KTM. Maybe I shouldnt do that and ruin your life forever, but after that, you are going to be looking to buy one. The good news is that a nice KTM 950/990 will cost WAY less than a BM. I know where you can pick up a nice one for under 5000 bucks, aint that right Sam?

Yet (try to explain that word in Spanish ) I think your super sherpa is the tool for the job. Just sayin'.

Great report amigo! I appreciate all the hard work. And I know, it is hard work! Even though I only posted about once a month, I thought, "damn, this internet report thing is getting in the way of me having fun." Youre doing a great job! As a fellow moto vagabond, I totally appreciate the places you are going and the things that you are documenting. Well done!

Salud! Vin
Hola Vinnie,

Listen, if I was young, rich and handsome like you then I would buy a 990 in a heartbeat. Love the sound of that motor.

Glad to have you along for the ride. I enjoy writiing these ride reports.

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