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Since i never intend to put up that fairing back on my ER6F..... i am sure i will have to shave off the fairing mounts to accommodate the SW Mowtechs comfortably..... correct?
here's a good looking ER6F that was built by some friends. OEM suspension with some finely crafted custom fabrication. they ran the 130/80 front tire setup, and the bike performs well on pavement and graded gravel. a light weight woman rider, they wanted to maintain the standard ride height, and the bike flies with her on board.

on this bike, the tabs for the expansion tank and air sensor were removed, and the fairing mount grommets on the engine mount brackets were clipped off also to mount the Motechs.

the Motech bars designed to fit the Versys have the left rear mount designed to fit the Versys linked shifter, rather than the direct mounted conventional shifter found on the ER6 motos. you can modify the Motech bracket, modify the ER6 shifter, or switch over to the Versys footrest/shifter mounts, in which case you would need the complete assembly, plus the matching right side brake assembly.

i've finished up posting on the Versys forum, so from now on, all ride report and build information is only posted on ADV. there is some good info on the Versys moto over there, but the barrage of advertising was irritating, and it became too much trouble to do both. it got so bad that their server software tried to attach advertising to every photo i included with a post. bad news, the heck with them, ADV is the place to be anyway.
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