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Originally Posted by Scrooge View Post
I hope this doesn't sound too negative, but I want to be as honest as possible. I haven't given up on this jacket, but I am pretty disappointed with the shoulder situation. I will continue to use it to get a better idea of how it works for me.
Oh, just remembered another reason I don't post much. It takes a long darn time to be thorough. :-) Hope it helps someone else.
I think it's good to point out the weaknesses in otherwise very well made and designed gear, but you're balancing it with some positive comments too and that's good. This site has been a great help to me too and this thread in particular for helping me decide to go with the Badlands despite some shortcomings. But I feel the benefits outweight those shortcomings and some can be overcome without altering the jacket or pants.

I agree with you on the small size of some of the pads. They need to address this. The knee pads in the pants are similar, but at least the pockets are a llittle bit bigger, so you might be able to get something else in there. I have some BMW riding jeans that are close to their end of life after 3 years of almost daily use, and they have HUGE d30 knee pads in them that are still in great shape. (see photo below) They cover the inside and outside of the knee, right up over the top and down almost the full length of the shin. I'm going to suggest to Klim that they model their next Badlands upgrade after these. But unfortunately, they're too big for the pockets in the Badlands pants to swap them directly over. When the BMW pants are finally done, I'm considering trimming the BMW pads down just enough to fit the Badlands pockets and they'd still be almost twice the size of the knee pads that come with the Badlands. Pad size and coverage definitely needs to be addressed in the next upgrade. But at least with the pants you can use strap-on knee guards instead as an option.

Knee Pads: Badlands (left) - - - BMW (right)

As for the potential of the d30 pads failing in cold temps that you and soph9 mention, you might be on to something that could be a weakness in that technology. I'm not usually in that cold of a climate, but it's certainly something to keep in mind when trying to get the pads in and out in cold climes. I would be concerned for the their strength in a fall, but I'm sure even in the coldest weather, they'd stay pretty flexible after being against your body for a short time while wearing it. I keep my stuff indoors for that reason too, and even in a warming closet sometimes. I have one closet right beside my home heating system that feels like a mild sauna during half the year and I use it as my "drying" closet for hanging wet gear. Very handy!

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