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Originally Posted by John Fry View Post
I'll have to check that when I'm some place where FB isn't blocked. (While I do control the content filter, it'd be bad form for me to abuse such power ;) )

Sorry I couldn't hang with you guys last night, but an otherwise dull evening out was made better by one of the guys I rode out to Sturgis with showing up unexpectedly. We had some laughs, and the scenery was pretty good in the inn (think Hooters girls, but with micro kilts instead of shorts ).

Already making ride plans for next year, and I might be able to get out to his place this weekend to test a few new-to-me rifles to make sure that they work (and don't blow up).

At some point I'll have to see if wildwood got my luggage in yet. They've never called. Still, if I just wait then they'll end up storing it for winter for me anyway

I was joking with dad that if he wins that Street Glide in the upcoming hospital lotto he ought to take it down to Griffin and have it made into a trike (or even better put a side car on it). Then he could ride a big bike without having to balance it at low speeds.
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