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Why do I ride a side car?

I got back into motorcycles after 22 years to large part from reading posts on this site. Started with a Suzuki GS550T and after a year found a GL1100. I stumbled into the Hacks forum and saw how much fun everybody was having and started thinking about how I could put one together. While at last years Lacey Toys for Tots run I met Tony the Tiger and a couple other members of the forum and that sealed the deal. I told my wife that I would be coming to the 2012 run on a sidecar; period. About a month later I found an old Motorvation Formula rig languishing in a bike junkyard in Portland. I traded a trashed GL1100 I had rotting in my driveway and a couple hundred bucks for it. It just sat in my garage until I got my tax refund when I dropped almost $700 on mounting hardware. Couple months later it was on the road.
That's how I started; why do I ride?
1. It's different.
2. I like the attention. They're great conversation fodder.
3. The GL handled like poop; doesn't matter now.
4. They're a lot of fun!
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