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Originally Posted by V-Stormer View Post

As for the potential of the d30 pads failing in cold temps that you and soph9 mention, you might be on to something that could be a weakness in that technology. I'm not usually in that cold of a climate, but it's certainly something to keep in mind when trying to get the pads in and out in cold climates. I would be concerned for the their strength in a fall, but I'm sure even in the coldest weather, they'd stay pretty flexible after being against your body for a short time while wearing it. I keep my stuff indoors for that reason too, and even in a warming closet sometimes. I have one closet right beside my house heating system that feels like a mild sauna during half the year and I use it as my "drying" closet for hanging wet gear. Very handy!

I live right by you...this time of year with temps anywhere from 5 C to below 0 is cold enough to make the armour feel like rocks. It does like you said warm up and become more pliable once you have you gear on but if you ever wanted to try ...take the D3o when cold, especially the back protector and crack it over your knee I bet it would break.
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