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It was chilly so I stayed under the covers for a bit and listened to the Hitchhiker's Guide radio on the ipod for a bit. It quickly warmed up so I got on the road. Today is a fun day. Highway 191 has been on my list of roads to ride for a while now and today is finally the day.

All loaded up and ready to head out

The road is 4 lane with the fun in the distance. I past a snake on the shoulder. Was that a rattler? Doesn't matter, he's long gone. I went a little farther and saw a road runner on a rock. He took off as soon as he saw me. I didn't get a picture but here's a file photo.

I ran into some traffic construction with a flagman. I turned off the bike, put the kickstand down and patiently wait. The people in front of me left the car running and kept trying to inch forward for the 20 minutes we waited. haha Why do I always find the flagman, one lane bridge with signals, etc. on my overnight rides? Every time.

A missed turn in Safford, AZ adds a half hour to the day. I get back on track and head east. I saw a cotton harvester next to a palm tree and solar panels on a house. I found it an interesting combination and climbed into the canyons.

I stopped to snack on beef jerky, trailmix and gatorade in Clifton, AZ in the bottom of the canyon. I took a few pictures and hop back on the bike. I hit the starter and it goes "RrrrrrrRRRRRRrrrrrRRRRRrrrrRRRRrrrrrr". I try to start the bike a couple more times and it doesn't even try to fire up. I'm about as far away from help from family as I can be on this trip and wondering where I can find a uhaul to bail out of this trip.

I flip up my visor and reach to put the kickstand down to discover that it's already down. I flip it up and "Vrrrroooommm". Why did you let it crank at all, BMW?!!? Any other bike I've had won't even crank if the kickstand switch is active. I breath a sigh of relief and get ready to climb out of this canyon.

A look back after a couple climbs and a tunnel (3rd tunnel this trip). There's a bunch of 10Mph cautionary hairpins and I killed the bike on the turn right before this spot. Is there a tipover switch on this bike? It was a weird angle and it had plenty of gas. I'll have to check it out later.

Highway 191 is full of stretches like this. It doesn't disappoint if you like curves.

A look at another climb

It's already later in the day and I've only made it halfway through this 100 miles of extremely twisty road.

The roads are starting to open up some but still lots of fun. I passed some burned sections of forest and some fun winding through. It's a bit chilly and foggy. Turn the grips back on to take off the chill.

Turn east to New Mexico. The road has sweepers through a canyon along a river. Very nice view to go with the nice roads. The road turn straight and long with plenty of time to look around.

I thought this retro-fitted windmill was cool. Nice blend of old and new.

I drove by some large radio antennas on the way to my destination for the evening, Sorroco, NM. SirWrecksAlot on had offered a room to stay so I texted him. He was over at his shop so I met him over there. It was a real man cave. Alcohol, smoking, guns and guys sitting around talking about riding hard to control bikes with very little suspension back in the day. It was fun sitting around and listening to the stories of the evolution of bikes and enduro rides from 30 years ago. The party broke up and SirWrecksAlot took me to one of his favorite spots and bought me a philly. Thanks a lot for supper and the place to stay.
Dale S.
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