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Day 3: 525 miles

A gorgeous sunrise briefly before it hides behind the clouds for most of the morning. I got on highway 390 and headed east through Billy the Kid's stomping ground. I stopped to add a layer and turned the grips on high before climbing into a warmer area.

Roswell, NM didn't seem to have too much alien decoration until you get to main street then it's everywhere. I saw a bunch of the carved wooden alien statues at businesses everywhere. This place had creepy music playing outside from the speaker in the window.

I stopped for gas and hung my helmet from the passenger peg. I got back around the bike and the helmet was hanging low enough to touch the ground and roll off. There's a big scratch right in the middle of my dark visor. Grrr

I knew the Red Bull Stratos landing was east here somewhere. I passed some bluffs that looked like the ones from the video and in the right place. I looked it up and it was just south of there. Stopped for a break a little while later near where the capsule landed.

I ride into west Texas and notice a lot of cotton fields. Several people have windmills but none of the ones I saw actually had a pump connected (just decorative). The wind is blowing from the south and but I'm not getting blown around much.

I see a "circus today" sign in Brownfield, TX and circle around the block for a picture. A minivan drives by slow and does a u-turn to pull up beside me. "Excuse me but do you know when circus will be", says the little old lady. I guess I look like I belong with the circus. I politely said that I was passing through and didn't know but it looks like they are mostly setup.

I pulled up to fill up in Lubbock, TX next to a retired guy in a motorhome. I finish fueling up and he's still going. "That still filling up?", I asked. He chuckles and we start talking. He asks where I'm going and coming from. I tell him I started in CA day before yesterday and going to be in Tulsa tomorrow. We talk a little more and wish each other a safe journey.

A couple more hours of Texas then cross the Red River into Oklahoma. I pull into Altus, OK and find a motel on the south east side of town. I'm unloading my gear while a tall skinny guy with a handlebar mustache and a pony tail watched me intently. He finally walks over and asks, "Do you actually take it offroad or is it an expensive dirtbike?". I explained that I just got it but have found some gravel roads already. He told me about a month long trip to Florida he took on a Harley a few years ago and about some other bikes.

I went down the street to Pizza Hut and got a salad and a sandwich, came back to the motel, took a shower and crawled into bed.
Dale S.
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