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Originally Posted by Turkeycreek View Post
Bottled water is a good idea. You can bring a Katadyn filter or an ultra violet sterilizer like the Steripen if you want. Bottled water is available at all the small stores and gas stations but it can be a bit pricey for the brand names that are shipped in. We don't provide plastic bottles anymore because there is no viable plastic recycling plan here. Instead, we use 5 gal. bottles from the local water purification plant. We provide guests with carafes of water. I brush my teeth with tap water and drink it sometimes without problems. My advice is to start eating yogurt daily and your intestinal flora and fauna will be up to the task of protecting you form any bad effects. If you eat salad, it will have been washed in tap water.

Oh, and throw some immodium in your tank bag just in case
I've been trying to figure out how one could guarantee a 5 gal bottle is filtered water.. Not saying I have a general distrust (or that I don't), , but I could see some places refilling 5 gallon bottles from the tap and charging bottled water prices to help with profit.. I would be much more comfortable with small bottles that have tamper proof lids but understand the trash factor. I have water bottles with purifier straws, sounds like I may be taking them along.. Not the easiest for filling a hydration pack though.
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