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I continued to slab it into Idaho and as far as Twin Falls before leaving the freeway behind and resuming a more relaxed pace.
The notion was to ride further north into Idaho but I decided to check the weather forecast first.
A cold front was extending down into the States from western Canada. Unseasonably cold temps and rain and snow that came with the cold were due north of me.
I had a few weather apps on my iPhone, one of them being a NOAA live radar feed that allowed me to search quite a distance ahead of my routes. Using this I see a corridor of relatively settled weather to the N.W. so I pick up Idaho hwy. 78 and soon arrive at the Snake River.

By now it's late on a beautiful autumn day. The usual wind gusts are taking a break and the evening sunlight takes on multiple golden hues.
As luck would have it, a road winding along the river was paved that day and in this sparsely settled region, it's all mine.

Even the sound of my engine seems intrusive and I shut it down so I can listen to the birds call and the river flow.
By now it's almost dark and I have no idea where I'll be spending the night but it doesn't feel important. There is a half moon rising over the prairie and before me are gently winding roads through farm fields and canyons and desert. Perfect conditions for a night ride.
Riding through the dark with no other traffic and just the occasional farm house or small town providing illumination; I can feel huge spaces around me but not see them. Repeatedly, I feel the need to pull over and look at the moon and stars. The feeling is magical but by now I'm thoroughly chilled and reluctantly start looking for shelter.
I find a room in Nampa, ID and look forward to crossing into Oregon in the morning.
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