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Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
Citation, please!

Then, you shall have informed me; haven't noticed any prohibition on friction modifiers in any Kawasaki owner's or service manual, but . . . none of my teachers ever suggested I was a particularly careful reader.

Beyond that, have you ever personally observed or experienced a KLR clutch damaged from exposure to friction modifiers?
Ok, I wasn't supremely confident in what it said, but because I have more of a "photographic" memory of sorts, I was pretty sure there was a diagram of the label in there somewhere. Guess I was not fullly correct (more detail below.) So here's what my owner's manual says. No diagram, just text.

So the only real spec that I wasn't familiar with was the "SE, SF, or SG".
Looked it up and here's what I found. All are obsolete.

My KLR Clymer manual says the following:

Again, no diagram.

Maybe it's my Suzuki Clymer? Nope. Same basic story though.

Lastly, I checked my '03 Honda Shadow Spirit 750 owner's manual. Bingo.

So, technically, no, my KLR manual doesn't specifically reference the labeling like I thought.

In my search for further knowledge in limited time this morning, I stumbled into this article by Motorcycle Consumer News which supposedly "debunks" the Auto oil vs. Moto oil debate.

I'll try to give it a full read when I have time.

Also, as to my personal experience, I used Mobil 1 in my bike for MANY miles. Made sense to me because that's what I used in my car too. Well, I can't prove any correlation, but I'm probably one of few individuals on here that have replaced the clutch in my KLR. Take that as one potential data point if you like.
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