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Originally Posted by Chris41483 View Post
I run Rotella t6 synthetic. Available at Walmart. Not too much more money. But seriously, at 2 qts per change, is the couple bucks a big deal?
Well its a $3.99 a quart vs $11.99+ a quart, so 8 dollar oil change vs a 25 dollar oil change, but yeah i see your point for sure.

Originally Posted by MotoBoss View Post
Bel-Ray Thumper is well worth the to $20 oil change. I mean it last for 3000 mile oils and being confident knowing the motor is protected is worth a few extra bucks........................
I hear lots of good things about Bel-Ray, just have never seen it anywhere around here, but even when i used full synthetics i would never go longer then 1500 miles max.

Originally Posted by toadl View Post
I used that Valvoline in my Kawasaki 500 ninja. I really liked it. Seemed to wheelie better, I think it worked well with the clutch and transmission, of course this was before synthetic was a reasonable price. I know use use Mobil One synthetic. I wonder if it would be better to just go back to the valvoline and change oil more often.
Right, cheap oil and change it often, or expenisve stuff and keep it in there longer, that is the question

Im pretty sure for the next oil change ill spend the $25 bucks on the good stuff tho, cause i do love my bike, and if you actually think about, thats all they really need, good clean oil, a clean air filter and some gas, and

Right now running the 10w-40 Lucas semi synthetic oil i got at oriely's auto parts for 7 bucks a quart (motorcycle specific tho), great stuff, really like it.
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