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Rain mixed with snow in the morning as I cross into Oregon and aim due west on hwy. 20. Inmates recommended #26 to the north as a more scenic route but that's the southern edge of the cold front where it's pouring rain.

I can't complain though and really enjoy my ride.

It's election time and campaign signs are thick on the ground. This one was my favorite.

I stopped often to warm up and see the sights and a mile after passing this sign I turned around and headed up their drive.

These beautiful critters are still completely wild and not happy to be in the pens. I parked the bike and slowly approached the fence but they weren't having any of that and ran off cantering and whinnying when I got too close.

I stood as still as possible for about 15 minutes knowing that a horse has a powerful sense of curiosity.

One by one they began to wander a little closer but the slightest twitch had them off and running. Seeing a wild horse flat-out running was an exciting experience for me but I knew I was spooking them and it was time to leave. I didn't want to spend much time pondering the future for these magnificent creatures and I was sorry to see them penned.

I spend the night in Bend, OR, tired and chilled after hours of riding in rain and snow squalls. I didn't see much of the town but it looked like it could be a nice place to live.
Perusing my map that night I decide to pay a visit to Crater Lake the next day. In the photos I've seen, it looks stunningly beautiful.

And it may be that it is, but my visit didn't go as planned.
As I gained elevation the weather continued to deteriorate and first rain and then snow and then low-lying clouds enveloped me. The winds began to howl from the west. I didn't understand why the wind didn't dissipate the clouds but visibility continued to decrease.
Determined to see the lake, I pushed on and finally arrived at a parking lot with a sign indicating an overlook.

There were only one or two cars up there with me. Japanese tourists emerged from one of them and began taking photos of me. I guess i was a tourist attraction, too.

At last, I'm standing above the lake and take in the world famous view.

I guess. At least I was told that there's a lake down there.
The wind picked up and the snowfall with it, might be a good time to turn around and head for a lower elevation.

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