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Originally Posted by triplenickel View Post
The gov. definiteley has an agenda, motorized isn't welcome. It's the same for winter sports, XC and heli get the nod and sleds are punted. Trails BC is an advocate for the non motorized users, they get like $13 million per year from the gov. BCORMA for the off road motorcycles gets zero and is left to fight with what they can do on their own so everyone that's complaining should be a paid member if there's any chance of fighting the man. Membership dues are pretty much the cheapest part of our sport. We need to get our shit together in a big way the KVR is just the beginning.
I am no where near naive enough to think that this isn't the norm with all governments. It is however VERY WRONG to champion the cause of one group with tax payers money, of any amount. After all they are using your own money to limit your choices in favour of another group.

All B.C. motorcyclists should be outraged. What they fail to consider (as a government) is how much tourism they actually discourage by such actions. I may be unusual, but being a motorcyclist is a big part of who I am, and when a provincial (or state) government take actions that are prejudicial against me and my favorite sport, they lose all my tourist dollars, not just when I travel by motorcycle. We as motorcyclists need to start making ourselves as heard as the other special interest groups do. B.C. ferries revenue down for 2012? maybe 2013 will be even worse.
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