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Originally Posted by pnw View Post
Easy is good. I will give that a try because I haven't decided if I want the 12v outlet socket to be dependent on the key being switched on. Hand warmers for sure I want to be off when key switch is off. I might run a fused line directly from the battery for the 12v outlet.

<3amp draw from the grip warmers seems too low to cause problems but if anyone had bad results using the brown and black wires (for any application) please post up or post for what you used them for if you had no problems.


After leaving my hot grips on twice and draining the battery on a non-kicker plus smelling hot wiring when running grips on high, I finally ran a new 14g wire direct to the battery for all accessories on the "dash" and through a relay. No worries now! The new wire powers hot grips, 12V outlet and a 12V SAE plug which runs into my taken bag to charge my phone.

Since I was into the wiring, I also ran a switch for the headlight so I can turn it off when first starting on a cold day get the grips warm without draining the battery as the engine idles. To keep from riding and forgetting the headlight being off, I wired a DPDT switch and an LED warning light. If the red light is on, my headlight is off. I love this mod!!!
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