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Originally Posted by ElRod View Post
... Went around my area and tested premiums from Exxon, Chevron, Shell, and Valero. All of these pumps had a shared hose and handle for regular, mid, and premium which means I had to run a gallon first to get a good premium sample.

All had ethanol content from 8 to 10 percent. Most disturbing was that two samples had a cloudy appearance right out of the pump indicating early phase separation if I have that correct.
BTW for whatever good it may do speak out here ...
Thanks for sharing your findings... I was hoping for less Ethanol in the High Test Fuel. Each State is different on how they manage the Fuel Stations usually by the Dept. Of Agriculture and the EPA.

At least you can get, fairly easily, some Fuel without Ethanol.

Keep in mind, the Cloudiness you mentioned in the Fuel, may Not be Ethanol but some Residues from the Fiberglass Fuel Tanks driven by the Solvent/Corrosive affects from Ethanol .

So with this info, it is best for sure to get Fuel from busy Gas Stations that have better Fuel Turnover to keep from getting aged Fuel and its risks associated with it.
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