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Another new CRF owner here!

I'm following you around here B1.....

When I first read about this bike I thought it would be the perfect bike for Nancy. Her will to get off the beaten path more and more on her 650GS has proven she needs a smaller bike. This one fits the bill perfectly.
Our local dealer called me and said they had one just come in so we jumped on it and are very happy we did.

She didn't waist much time getting it dirty and testing it out. I didn't waist any time taking/cutting parts off and swapping out other key parts from her GS.
Day 1 of CRFL ownership she had a blast in the dirt, day 2 I installed ROX risers, ProTaper KX High bars, HDB guards, and heated grips, along with taking off all the decals, logos and unsightly DOT required reflectors, replacing them with reflective decals of mine. The handlebar setup was taken off her GS, since it will not be needed to fulfill all her desires in riding street and dirt any longer with the new kid in town. The stock bars had too much of a sweep and were a little low for standing up in the dirt for us, now it's just right.
The install of the gear on the CRF took a little cutting, trimming, cable re-routing and a little more cutting. Overall was pretty straightforward and on day 3 riding on some singletrack trail proved to be time well spent, protecting her hands and the levers in the rocks. We also have HDB mirrors on order, got to get rid of those big things Honda put on it, they were the first thing to take a hit when the bike was dropped and won't last long without breaking something while Nancy continues to improve her dirt riding skills.

There's a little more work to be done to get the CRF handling how I'd like, first off a Scott's steering damper. Talked to them on tuesday, they will have the CRF-L kit available before Xmas.
I also talked with my buddy at Bazzaz and am hoping to get the bike into them so they can develop a fuel control module for it real soon. We've had good experience with their module on other bikes and are looking forward to seeing what it can do for the CRF. Being able to switch maps on the fly with one for power and one for fuel economy will be sweet.

Fuel tank.
The stock range needs to be doubled for us, while it will get good milage I don't know what Honda was thinking with that little puny tank... like most manufactures I guess, hopefully there's an aftermarket tank out soon, until then 1.5 gallons in a MSR bag will have to do when we go get LOST far away from home. As long as she can go 200 miles to match my range, most of where we'll be riding will be covered.

Some kind of engine guard is also on the list, but below the things mentioned above. Then some D606's should complete the bike and have it ready for the Death Valley and Baja rides we'll be doing this winter.
So far she loves this bike with nothing but big smiles while riding it and I also have had some good fun on it too, it handles pretty darn good just as it is and looking forward to getting these few more things sorted to make it even better. Honda really got a lot of things just right with this bike.

Here's a few various photos of the new bike, I can elaborate on the install if anyone cares. Might have already been covered in this long thread I haven't read all of.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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