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About the drinking water question
Another approach is to carry on your bike a plastic container, like a big 2L softdrink bottle you have emptied and also have with you a very small bottle of chlorine laundry bleach. Fill the bottle from any of the tapwater sources and then add 2 drops of bleach for each liter.
The tapwater may already be treated , and it is a lot better bet than rainbarrels or rivers, the likelihood of the tapwater containing no major hazards is a good starting point. .Wait 30 minutes before using. The bleach will kill off any post-mains bacterial contamination , if any was there.
Use this easy and cheap to replenesh supply for drinking if you get stuck along the roadside, to wash off any fresh fruit and for brushing teeth.
I use this method and slake my thirst with it if needed but get most of my water intake from a good dose of coffeee , fruit juice and purified restaurant supplied water plus during the day I stop off for a couple of liters of o.j., or low-fat milk, or cold bottled mineral water. I get the satisfaction of not adding too much to the mountain of plastic bottle waste
I trained myself to be somewhat like a camel - drink a lot at one time and carry on for an hour or two or threeAnd I avoid hard exertion in high temperatures . None of this constantly sipping a swig every few minutes .The body will let you know in plenty of time that you are getting thirsty so do something about it at that time.
The story about the olden days when people could safely drink out of creeks and lakes is a myth. Those sources have always been prone to causing intestinal upsets and worse. Canadian northern waters and mountain streams inhabited by all kinds of wildlife have always carried the parasites shed by thos e inhabitants- think of beaver fever, raccoon roundworm and others dropped by elk and moose pooping in the water. I think the people were blissfully ignorant about the possible diseases , were lucky and when they did get sick they failed to make a connection.
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