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After leaving my hot grips on twice and draining the battery on a non-kicker plus smelling hot wiring when running grips on high, I finally ran a new 14g wire direct to the battery for all accessories on the "dash" and through a relay. No worries now! The new wire powers hot grips, 12V outlet and a 12V SAE plug which runs into my taken bag to charge my phone.

Since I was into the wiring, I also ran a switch for the headlight so I can turn it off when first starting on a cold day get the grips warm without draining the battery as the engine idles. To keep from riding and forgetting the headlight being off, I wired a DPDT switch and an LED warning light. If the red light is on, my headlight is off. I love this mod!!!

"smelling hot wiring" - that is something I wanted to avoid. I'll check local store to see if they have a relay that would work, if not I see they sell five relays plus harnesses for $11 including shipping from an Amazon seller, I might do the same for another bike. I want to do the headlight switch like you describe. Obviously I have little to no electrical knowlege - do you have pictures that you could post of this, or a description that even an idiot could understand? I don't know what a DPDT switch is but I will look it up.
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