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The vast majority of the WRT is already in Canyonlands. I could well be wrong but I assume that if all this new land were included in Canyonlands, then the current restrictions of Canyonlands would apply to the entire new NM.

For us this mainly means that you have to be street legal to ride any of the roads like you do now for the WRT. Some worse fallout would probably be that lots of minor roads and trails would be completely closed.

I assume most of the new land is now Forest Service or BLM. As such there theoretically should have been travel management plans created for it in the past few years that formally limit riding to specific roads and trails. This is enough of a catastrophe IMHO.

Similar to Escalante (and others), many of the existing, well-established roads and routes would be closed. You won't see the full side effects until after the the proposal is enacted and the NM in place. Some of the roads will remain open, and they will build (and pave) new ones too (for the RV'ers and road-side gawkers). That said, there won't be any trail riding or sand riding (White Wash) or slickrock riding. . . and most of the roads to these areas would be closed to access anyway. Of course, there will be plenty of roads open only to "Administrative Access", so that they can drive on them, you know, to keep us in check.

As Pelosi once said, "you'll have to pass it to see what's in it" (ref to Obamacare).
"Be of good cheer. All may yet be well. There's many a fork, I think, on the road from here to destruction."
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