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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
I had what turned out to be a decent setup - I used a "14" ah shorai - at about 700 grams, plus the shorai charger at about 500 grams. Still net a third of the weight of a lead acid battery. But I did have the bulk of the charger in my luggage

I was happy with doing that. I did have to charge and balance my battery a few times on the trip due to killing the battery totally first day out of Astana - stand by for story in next few days.

Overall, my experience is that its fine to take a LiFePO4 battery on a 3 month trip out in the boonies ... on the condition that you MUST take the special charger / cell balancer along with you. That decreases the advantages by increasing bulk (and cost), but its still net, a lot lighter than a lead acid battery. Note, if travelling in a group, the addition bulk and cost need only to occur once ... in a group of 5 people all with the same brand LiFePO4 batteries, only one person would need to be carrying a charger. That increases the attractiveness of the proposition.
I understood that you carry a dedicated charger for Shoray batery but if it's dead, isn't it posible to start the bike with some power cables and then let the alternator do the job ?
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