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Chevy did build the SSR and HHR, but they didn't sell. They were all looks and no substance. The SSR was a modern Corvette in a truck body, and the price was ridiculous.

Ducati had the right idea with the SportClassic and SportClassic Paul Smart model. The Paul Smart bike looked almost like the early '70s 750ss, possibly the most coveted Ducati of all time.

BMW could certainly make a retro replica that only looks old, but with modern mechanicals, IMO it would be more attractive to me than what they are selling now,

I wish they still made the R1200C. I almost bought one. By the time I could come up with the cash (did not want a loan) they were gone. I loved the first ones, but they kept modifying them and adding more and more junk. The last ones looked more like Goldwings than cruisers. I might still buy an early model but there are none for sale. Most likely owners do not want to part with them

Harley sells retro bikes, and people complain that that's ALL they sell. (especially since they dropped Buell) Maybe people just don't want a retro bike from BMW. Unlike the Japanese, BMW does have REAL history and heritage they could draw from, at least from a stylistic perspective.
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