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Originally Posted by kitesurfer View Post
that report was complete! i've read only a couple RR's concerning Urals. I had no idea they were as bad as you've described. i would not feel secure and safe riding one 50 miles from home much less around the world. but that's just me. good luck and have fun.
700 Miles in two days through the CA desert back roads last week. No problems, never missed a beat. 31 mpg on shitty CA high test gas.

The only problem I've had in 6000 km that stopped me was a flat rear tire which I quickly swapped with the spare. Based on my experience with a Ural (limited to 6000 km but going up daily) they are more reliable than my BMW's and Harley. BTW it's a 2007 Patrol with 10,000 km on the clock now. Not a new one with all the upgrades.

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