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Cochabamba info

Central Moto is "Un mundo de llantas para tu Moto". Their relevant current stock includes the following:

- 110/80 - 19 Pirelli Scorpian Trail at 1140 Bs (YIKES!)
- 100/90 - 19 Pirelli MT60 at 620 Bs (~US$90)
- 100/90 - 19 Pirelli MT90 at 580 Bs (~US$83)

CENTRAL MOTO - Calama No. 753 (between Antezana y 16 de Julio) / 4510960 (NOTE: may be disconnected) / 72734667

There is a moto shop on the corner of Junin and Colombia - Moto Repuestos Caņoto (Junin No 0195 / tel 4588639 / cel 71414381) - that has a BMW G650X (or something like that) in the window. They quoted me a relatively expensive price for fork oil, but were nice and could probably help get parts in. (May not be the most helpful for tires, but maybe someone in the future will find this).

Another shop with better garage space (it's huge) is Moto Show (Jordan 387, close to Tumusla). Marcelo the owner was really nice and said that he or his brother could help get any parts in (they have new Honda XR650's, BMW F650s in stock, had a V-Strom on the lift, so it seems like they would be used to big bikes), travelers would be welcome to use their tools if needed, and they have access to a good mechanic. Not the best for tires, maybe, but I'm sure they could help with that too. Marcelo Cardozo / tel 77444711 / email: / facebook: MOTO SHOW Bolivia

There is a market selling random moto parts near Aroma and 25 de Mayo. Good for tubes and such. Asking at a few stands only turned up a 90/90-19 off brand (Taiwainese?) tire for 250 Bs, as quoted.

Also, I was told that 6 de Agosto had tires, but I only saw auto tires when I took a spin down that street.

Hope this helps...

(FWIW, if you need any fluids, machine shop or welding work done, the corner of Aroma with Oquendo puts you in the right district. If you need just fluids, hardware or any automotive supplies, Tumusla south of Heroinas has it all.)
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