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Anyone wanna make a buck the easy way?

Ahem ... seriously. I'm thinking of buying one of those bike lift tables from Harbor Freight, but have no way of getting it home. It's around 8' long and the damn thing weight about 300lbs. Not gonna fit in the SLK. So ... if someone has a decent back plus a pickup truck, and wants to see their wallet $30 heavier for 30 minutes of work, let me know. (I might even throw in a beer or two!).

I'm thinking sometime next week, after work. Assuming they have it in stock. HF is on Broad near Parham, and I'm Northside at the corner of Seminary and Bellvue.

PS: Unless anyone has a better suggestion for a lift table that's inexpensive and doesn't require dedicated compressed air. My back isn't going to take anymore of this on-the-ground crap. :-(
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