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Originally Posted by JRWooden View Post
Ok I've babbled about Electrosport's stator for the F800GS / F650GS twins for a while now, and on several different threads so I'm sure I'll miss posting this update to all of them, but Electrosport does have this unit dribbling into production. The P/N is ESG831 .... the same stator is available as ESG829 for other BMWs that have the same 400W output and mechanical dimensions but the ESG829 has shorter harness leads. They are $199

The ESG831 was available on the website yesterday, but is now temporarily sold out,
inventory will apparently be replenished shortly.

Per my contact:
"Both esg829 and esg831 have the high quality wire and insulation intended for high-temp environments. Which is why the price is a bit higher then most of my other stators. "
I've asked for the numeric value of the temp. rating - if I get that value I will post it....

Answer: The wires would be good for 220 C and our part would also be running cooler then the OEM.

Ok so there you have it folks, I think I've ridden that horse about as far as it will go...
What did we determine the max temps our stators were getting to? I think I might have a phase in my stator burnt out already on my Rick's stator was thinking of just going to the new "updated" Bimmer parts though that's gonna cost a small fortune
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