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Originally Posted by Bryant View Post
So as a total NUBE to the dirt scene, I'm beyond impressed w/ the 610's capability.. took it on a pretty narrow single track trail recently (I was the only DS out there, everyone else had light dirt bikes) and was left w/ the impression that while the weight is a little high on the Husky, the only thing really holding me back was the retarded Indian riding the thing, not the arrow... very cool..

That said, I also had a little episode (popped the front tire - deep in the middle of the woods) where I came to the realization that having a good tool kit on board is a must. Hence this post...

So in addition to being a total NUBE in the dirt, I'm also somewhat of a novice when it comes to working on bikes... and while I know the OEM kit is mostly useless, I thought a thread to discuss what people are throwing in their 610 tool kit would be fun (as it's highly personal..)

So far I've heard everything from a packet of vasilene, ty wraps, a small can of WD40, 30' of small diameter rope, A GREAT MULTITOOL, headlamp, the right allen wrench, wrenches for key bolts, spare tube/tire iron/inflator.......

Thanks for your input, hopefully your suggestions won't be needed - but if they are know that I'll be thanking you from some remote trail w/ less than an hour of daylight many miles from the trailhead..
Well, this topic may generate "advice" as what tire or what oil. Anyway, here's my thinking about "kit".
If I'll be alone, water, basic food & clothing for a long walk or overnight are first priorities. Then I think about current bike condition and recent maintenance. For instance if the clutch cable is getting old? Thread a new one along the frame. If you just worked on engine or removed body parts, better take some Locktite 243 and enough tools to snug up anything that gets loose. New chain? throw in a couple master links (2 cause they're small and easy to lose parts in mud) You get the idea.

Don't trash the entire stock kit! That axle wrench, spark plug wrench, etc. are fine AND COMPACT for trail use. Just add to them. I've thrown in quality 1/4" drive socket wrench, 6 point sockets in 8,10,12mm plus 1/4 to 3/8" drive adapter with 13, 14mm sockets, and a short handle socket wrench. Locking jaw plier, open/box end wrenches in 8,10,12, and I think a 6mm (throttle cable). Also a 6" bit driver extension, and the following bits: allen 4,5,6,7 & 8mm, phillips #2 & #3 slotted (couple different). Quality replacements for the three stock allen wrenches. There are about two feet of duct tape wrapped around the spark plug socket. This is all double bagged in quart size freezer grade ziplock bags. That rounds out the "tool kit" that is ALWAYS on the bike. The socket numbers were from memory since I'm at the office now, but walk through a tire change, oil change, cable adjustment and you'll be able to reconfirm them or PM me, and I'll go through it. Remember, it's not just the size wrenches, but the style, open/box/socket that you need to confirm. You may not have clearance for a socket on every 10mm nut you'll need to adjust.
Elsewhere I carry these:
Tire repair items- A patch kit, 2 short tire spoons and an elec pump (Slime brand $14 from Walmart) I ran 12v marine grade cig lighter plug soon as I bought the bike, and often tweak tire pressures just to see the difference.
Bungee Net- the small motorcycle kind, short ball end bungee loops and 8-20' real 550 cord (the kind you can strip for the internal strands)
Nav and Coms- Cell Phone and charger (forest service maps are also damned handy)

Where does it go? You could put it under the seat and in various pockets of your riding gear, but a a friend and former South African desert racer told me this, "Don't put anything in your pockets that you are not willing to have surgically removed." I still get shivers thinking about that one. I've got a small tailpack on the rear rack that easily holds this, and am considering a front fender pack for the tire stuff.
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