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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
If your offer was reasonable and you were someone worthy of helping (not an arrogant demanding buffoon) you would get a yes. If your offer is NOT reasonable you would get a "NO" and shown a bike that you could buy for that much. If you replied like an arrogant buffoon you would be escorted out the door.

A fistful of cash matters LESS than a smile and a jovial personality. Be someone they want to help and you will stand a better chance of getting what you want. The stack of hundreds only shows you are able. Show them you are worthy... Tell them you are able and leave the cash in your pocket.
Yep. Dakez is right on the money here.
Use your company manners. Don't get personal. Smile. And have fun.

Also remember that sales people in bike dealerships meet a fair number of dicks who think they're Richard Branson. If you're nice to the salesperson and get them to like you, you're gonna have a better experience. Charm goes a lot farther than acting like you're in a gunfight with Tuko over a grave full of gold.
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