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Originally Posted by Michhub View Post
Forest Hill Training Center today...that was fun!
I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but had to switch to a nice street ride with the GF .
I think I should NOT have had the Dickies two meat platter before riding

Two Meat platter with sliced brisket & pulled pork with decent coleslaw and tasty beans...

Sic Semper had a MONSTER baked potato

The RTE crew for today was higworld, pplassm, Sic Semper, ddlewis & myself....higworld had to boggie back to work and
save the world one internet transaction at a time due to black Friday...missing that XR Rick?

It was a beautiful day and most were over dressed by noon as temps rose we ran into a few others running around
and even got to explore some of the 'other side' trails thanks to someone in the know...

Don't tell you friends....this message will self destruct in 30 seconds I might be in for Sunday....TBD

Sorry we didn't stop in to say hi Jimmy...although we did pick up a KLR so you were there in spirit...

I did not eat the whole monster backed potato, but what I did have was very tasty.

It was much warmer than I thought it would be, just beautiful

Had a great time. Met a new guy named George who had never heard of ADVrider. Hopefully he will join up. He was on the KLR and he can hustle that beast through the woods!!!

Good seeing you all!!
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