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Originally Posted by ride4321 View Post
You're pics are telling the story fine but don't be shy, tell us what's on your mind.
I'm planning on heading that way this coming spring and have my potential riding partner watching this link. Convince her there's nothing to worry about in Mexico.
Great photos!
So far in my travels in Mexico/Central America have been nothing but a pleasure. Not one bribe becessary. Usually get waved right through the Military check points and they are more interested in ogling the bikes than they are in whats in the side boxes.

Everywhere we go the people are excited to meet you and chat with you in what english they have. We have been offered places to stay and food to eat even when we just want a place to lay out our sleeping bags.

At Las Canadas on the west coast north of St Puerte Tomas the locals came to hang out and even scavenged firewood for us and built us a fire and wouldn't even accept our beers. They chatted with us and hung most of the evening in awe of "how silly" we are for sleeping in the dirt.

Tell your potential riding partner to read through all the "Is Mexico Safe" threads and stop watching Foxnews.

Come enjoy a slower pace!
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