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Originally Posted by COXR650L View Post
Maybe I'm not understanding what your point is here, but are you suggesting that this proposal for a Greater Canyon Lands Monument is only in response to the State of Utah's current position on federal lands???

If this is what your saying, so what? The issue still remains that there is a president in office that could just as easly side with the drafters of the letter and designate the entire area, or any portion of it, as a national monument which would be an unthinkable outcome for us.

The "greenies" can sue and exploit the courts for their own agenda all the time (ie Capital Jacks Trail) yet when a state attempts to gain some control back of the land and uses the courts in a similar manner they are in the wrong and this is the outcome

If this is not what you are saying Im sorry upfront, but that is what I got out of it.

I also dont have any faith that Huntsman will "negoiate" on our behalf. This is a critial issue to the future of riding in the Western States and we need to treat it as such. I am all for seeing what Huntsman's stance is on the issue and any political backing will help, but we all still need to do our part so our voices are heard.
I am a scientist and in this case I am just trying to understand the history of the debate over this area. I totally want things left alone, because I have enjoyed the area since I first went to the U. of Utah and made many trips down there studying the geology, hiking, and more recently making motorcycle rides. There is plenty of pristine area preserved and what is accessible now to motorized travel needs to be left alone. And I support the access to much of this area to energy development, but not housing development. The State of Utah does not need to fork over these lands to home and ranch developers which will close off things faster than anything. I have signed the petition, but my sense is that our ADV community is pretty small potatoes compared to the weight behind the Sierra Club faction. You can poo poo the role that Huntsman might play in this, but I have both signed the petition, sent the email to Obama, and will get some appropriate mail to Huntsman at the right point.

And you might want to read the article again and notice this statement:
"After a private meeting with Herbert, Frank Hugelmeyer, the president and CEO of the Outdoor Industry Association, released a scathing statement from the trade group’s board about “Utah’s unfavorable positions on public lands policy”:"
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