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I've some how got it in my head that I'm ready to be home, cutting my trip off 3 days early. The language barrier and the fact that I'm starting to run low on the money in my pocket, but mostly the language.
But I know if I don't try to get a little more of Copper Canyon sights I'll be disappointed. So I head south out of Creel towards Urique. I'm not planning on going there but I want to stop at some of the vista points along the way.
It's cold this morning and have to stop and switch to different gloves and put my liner in the jacket.

I reach the observation point before anyone else and watch the Native Americans set up there stands.

This little girl follows me around until I agree to buy a small bobble head turtle from her.

She worked me over pretty good and convinced me I needed to get a couple of bracelets and baby rattles.
She's worked hard and deserves a break.

I speed off back to Creel to get something to eat before hitting the long road to Neuvo Casas Grandes.

Sorry pouch, your cute, but your not getting food from me.
OK, you got me. He gets a small chunk from my pastor burrito. I think he and that little girl live together.

Back on the road.

The dirt and bugs piling up on the old girl after 2 weeks.

A quick stop to shed the winter gear.

A long lonely highway.

I make it to Nuevo Casas Grandes late in the afternoon for my final point of interest.

What I knew before coming here, was that there was a 2000 adjoining room dwelling, and with a few pictures I knew I wanted to visit. It was a late entry into my ride plans so I didn't have any time to research it before leaving. So here is the link if you want to know more.

The ball court.

I top off the bike and have that struggling conflict with myself on whether or not to push on to the border or get a place in town. I don't even make it a block before I do a U turn and head back to town. I'm too tired and hot.

I find a room off the main drag to call home for the night.
From the balcony of the room you can see the ADA compliant hand rails. I won't have any beer tonight.

I'll be coming back, just to eat at this place.

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