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Shorai Install

My DR 350 (’96 SE) gets used at best once every two weeks and more often once a month. It sits covered outside and is nowhere near an electrical outlet for a trickle charger like the rest of my fleet. When I went to start it a couple weeks ago the battery was very weak and barely cranked the motor, so I decided to give a Shorai a try. The battery is about the same size as what was in the bike and has 3X the CCA, lighter too… The battery comes with high density adhesive foam bits to fit the battery box perfect. A few minutes of cutting and fitting and the battery is in a good position in the battery box. According to the instructions the battery comes with a 90% charge and when I went to start the bike, the starter spun stronger than any other time since I have owned it. First impression is very good and the bike will probably sit for a few months until early spring. Hopefully it will live up to the expectation of minimal discharge and will start the bike without a jump in March/April.

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