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[QUOTE=Tsotsie;20105234] I have never heard of a documented failure regarding the use of different oil types in KLR's or extended oil change periods. There is a heap of opinion, assumptions, claims, speculation and "..I know a mechanic who told me...", " oil rep once told me...", relating to when, how, why not and why. Low oil, yes. QUOTE]

These articles regarding oil life mention how quickly oil breaks down changing viscosity. A lower viscosity wouldn't provide as much protection to delicate plain bearing surfaces, right? Am thinking this may factor in to galling often found in the cam bearing caps? I sure notice how much thinner my oil is when I drain it after 2000 miles as compared to when new. I've been using nothing but Castrol GTX 10w40 mc oil, but have started recently adding Shell Rotella T synthetic (HD diesel oil) when topping it up to restore viscosity as the oil wears. ...not as good as Mobil 1, but a pretty good oil IMO.
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