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Originally Posted by rtadlock View Post
Is it my imagination, or is there no way to turn on the "high beam" on the xcw? Two nights ago I commuted to work on the bike, and on the way home I had to ride in the dark. The light is so dim, I couldn't really ride by it, and I'm not even sure it could be used as a sufficient running light. I pulled off to have a look as I figured it was just not working, and saw there is a big bulb in the housing, but couldn't figure out how to turn it on. I looked at my owners manual on my phone, and I could only ever see reference to the high beam when talking about the EXC. When I got home, I took the light off and looked around, and I don't see a way to turn it on. Maybe the dealer didn't hook it up correctly when they put the horn on to make it street legal? Please don't tell me that KTM have just used the same head light assembly as the EXC, and there is no way to turn that big light on. Why not just ship the XCW with a number plate with some reflective tape? It's probably put out more light than the stocker...
The low beam filament in the big bulb is burnt out on your bike, it should be on as well as the little running light.

My dad's a TV repair man, he has an awsome set of tools. We can fix that!

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