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Originally Posted by too old View Post
Thumbs up to that, following them on FB.

Now whilst I support the UK and US military 100% there is one small thing that I can't quite get my head around.

Politics and sport should never clash and perhaps therein lies the answer to my own question, but with Argentina there is that real quandary of 30 years ago when "we" had that little tussle way down in the South Atlantic.
People on both sides lost their lives and notwithstanding the rights and wrongs of it all on either sides there must be some odd issues on the Argentinian relations and ex British servicemen injured in conflicts being involved?

Yes, we still play football and rugby against each other and there are no issues, save for the mad woman's continuous rants about the Malvinas to deflect political pressures at home, but somehow this sits a little different?

As a team they have no issues and I for one are right behind them, but forgive me if this may be a sensitive area, but how is this background dealt being with?

Could be a bit of a John Clease - "don't mention the war" - in which case it is just time and it a thing of the past, it may just be that when you are the same generation that to confine things to history, takes more doing?
Could it be something as simple as the age of the participants? I've found most of the younger servicemen in the US to be considerably better students of history than the general population of the same age group, but the animosity towards former adversaries seems fade in relation to their own lifetime. It could be that I'm not up on my British / Argentinian geopolitical relations, but hopefully your concerns are only the ramblings of guys like us. :
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