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Don't mean to butt in here . . . .

I am trying to figure out once and for all what a 1993 DR250SE (electric start) weighs. I had a 1999 DR350SE for a few years and loved a lot of things about it (suspension, ergonomics, handling) but the CV carb was a performance killer off-road, and the weight was obscene, probably aroung 320 all gassed up with my Clark tank. ( I couldn't see plopping down $420 for a pumper carb just to get the throttle response back to approx. where it should have been in the first place, when I'd still have the weight to deal with )

So... my mailman got a DR250, and I thought, "jeez, that thing must be a dog," until I looked at the specs a little. It's apparently 26 lbs lighter than the 350 and the later models (90 and up, I think) apparently put out 29hp, which is 1hp shy of what the 350 produces. So it's looking like, on paper, the 250 is actually a more capable trail bike, possibly even a little quicker.

Does anybody know, first hand, the weight diff. between the 350SE and the 250SE? There's a 250 for sale near here and I'm damn tempted, but not if it's anywhere near as heavy as my old 350. The specs on the internet are few and far between, but generally they say 260 curb weight for the 250, 286 for the 350. But that doesn't indicate whether it's an S, or an SE, or the offroad dr250. ... etc etc.

thanks if anybody knows anything .. . .
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