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Originally Posted by XDragRacer View Post
Neither does mine (2007 Kawasaki KLR650 Owner's Manual):...
Regardless, thanks for sharing your most interesting research.

Oils containing "friction modifiers" or formulated with some "energy-conserving" association may indeed be detrimental to wet clutches; just didn't recall any Kawasaki advice to that effect.

Sorry about your clutch; if it failed as a result of running zinc-laden Mobil 1, this fact's worth a warning to KLR (and other wet-clutch motorcycle) riders.

Again, appreciate the references.
Seems interesting that my Honda manual says it when the clutch technology is basically identical.

Regarding my clutch- I alluded that I couldn't directly attribute the cause. I did use Mobil 1 for many touring miles with medium-duty off-roading. I later switched when my clapped out car dictated cheaper, thicker oil.
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