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Norway took about a week and a half to go all the way up, but that was with 2-night stays in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim, as well as nearly two days spent hiking. If you're on a mission I'm told it takes four days or so. Nordkapp -> Stockholm took four days including a whole day spent in Rovaniemi, but that was 11 hour days down straight roads.

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Lovely finish to a great RR! Thanks, man! It was worth the wait, definitely. And I love the way you wrapped it all up with your closing observations. I'd be interested to know how it felt to be back "home" after being "at home" on the road for 5 months. Did you wake up in the morning feeling odd because you were NOT still on the ride? Did your family and friends find that you'd changed a bit? How does it feel to settle down again?
I was expecting some kind of reverse-culture-shock from being back but I was surprised by how instantly familiar everything was - within a day it was basically like I'd never left. I was expecting this big rush of relief to sleep in a room without 15 strangers in it, or to be able to do all the things I'd missed like flicking through junk TV or drinking a decent cup of coffee... but as soon as I landed I was straight back to taking these things for granted.

I'm not too worried about taking those simple shallow things for granted though. I can't say that anyone's said that much has changed about the way that I am (although I'm a bunch skinnier... getting back to the gym has been depressing). That said, I certainly have changed - when you're travelling you get this certain sense of being separated from the world that I alluded to at the end of that last post - not caring about the silly little things in life... and I'm happy to say that that's stayed with me. Travelling wasn't so much a process of finding new things about myself as finding out that who I was was exactly who I wanted to be, and becoming completely comfortable with that.

As far as settling down, it feels really good to be honest. The whole trip feels to me a little bit like when you're racing down a straight road and go off a little rise and get some air. You feel the suspension unload, the wheels leave the ground, the hairs on your neck stand up, you get that butterflies-in-the-stomach rollercoaster feeling - it's fun. Then you drop, you feel yourself become heavier for a second, the suspension dips, you feel the road again through the handlebars and you're ready to corner again - that was fun, but it's business time now. I loved my experience, I'll do it again someday (hello South America), but it wasn't real life. After spending 5 months riding around by myself and thinking about my life back home, I've got so many ideas for what I can achieve with my life. As a young person in the technology industry there's so much out there that's yet to be done. I want to be the one to do it, and I've never felt more focussed on this than now.

Congrats on the RR and trip. I hold you and your report personally responsible for my complete lack of productivity at work the last 2 days while reading it. I'll accept reimbursement via paypal, as well as a written apology.
So sorry - I'll give you a percentage of the profits. Seeing as I didn't make any, I'll accept your share of the loss via paypal :P.
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