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Originally Posted by Colebatch View Post
Also unloaded from the van were Terry and my new tyres for stage 2 of the ride. While the others spent the afternoon finalising the bike packing and getting their bikes ready for the steppes of Kazakhstan, Terry and I scooted down the road to fit our new tyres.

I was going with Michelin Desert (classic) at the back and was going to run with a less grippy but more asphalt friendly T63 front and Terry again had his Mitas E09s. The front E09 and T63 were very similar in tread pattern. Come to think of it, the Desert rear and E09 rear were also very similar.

Terry's Tyres:

My Tyres:

I was definitely giving up grip with the T63 on the front compared to the more aggressive Desert front I used in the first third of the trip. I thought it wouldnt matter on the hard pack steppe ground ... but actually I did miss the extra grip of the Desert.

It was a really hot day and by the time we returned to the hotel, it was time for evening meal and drinks with the gang of 5 ... now all ready to head off bright and early tomorrow morning.

Likely the reason for the similarities between the Michelin and Mitas is that they are made in the same factory...

I'm a big fan of the EO 9 rear, especially now that I can get them in a 140/80 x 18 size...

I've got to agree with your observation of lack of aggression on the T 63/EO- 9 front tire: I also found the tread depth too shallow for my liking and the low profile of the tire give a higher risk of pinch flats and dented rims... I won't run these up front anymore ...

This thread is top shelf, keep it coming...
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